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BOMAC Industries es uno de los principales fabricantes mundiales de máquinas de reciclaje de plástico. Es una empresa de origen holandes con una larga tradición de ingeniería, que se ha convertido en un símbolo mundial de la innovación y de la alta tecnología. La marca de nuestros productos son la alta eficiencia y la larga vida útil. Producimos nuestras máquinas en nuestras fábricas mundiales y optimizadas. Nuestras máquinas son la oferta perfecta para cualquier cliente.


Dutch government invests millions in recycling

100% recycling economy a reality for the Netherlands? The Dutch government has finalised an agreement on the investment of 27 million euros in improving its national waste management sector. With this investment the government attempts to reduce the amount of

Plastics recycling boost in Canada

Canada reports boost to plastics recycling access New data over 2015 published by the The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) show that 96% of Canada’s population is able to recycle all types of transparent and opaque plastic bottles, jugs and

Solution for closed-loop wet separation

Gritbuster says goodbye to waste water in expensive recycling process. New washing and wet waste recycling system puts time-consuming and expensive treatment of waste materials (such as gully waste, road sweepings, sand or gravel) to an end. The Gritbuster uses

Comparison Between UK and Holland

How Does The UK Compare At Plastic Recycling With Holland? Plastic pollution has turned out to be a menace for the entire world, and an environmental issue that, like climate change, may forever be associated with this generation. It is

Rotterdam Conference Session

Plastic in ELVs is focus of Rotterdam conference session Efforts in Europe to separate and recycle plastic shredded during the auto shredding process will be the focus of a session at the 2016 Plastics Recycling Conference Europe event, scheduled for

London To Host Plasticity

London will host next Plasticity event The sixth edition of the Plasticity Forum has been scheduled for 21 September 2016 in London as part of the London Design Festival. Plasticity events are designed to bring together stakeholders from across the

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