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Product description

The standard extruders are modern and easy to control machines, designed for the extrusion of different kinds of plastics to produce recycling pellets or new plastic pipes. The standard extruders are fabricated of high quality materials. The barrel and screw are of hardened heat treated alloy-steel to prevent abrasion during the extrusion process. The use of further high-tech electrical and mechanical components provides higher capacity, better performance and operational convenience and stability. Our standard extruders are suitable for most common plastics and composite materials.

Technical characteristics

Type Screw Diameter Capacity Power Efficiency Motor Power
EXT 90 90 mm 150-200 kg/h 0.35 kW/kg 75 kW
EXT 130 130 mm 400-500 kg/h 0.37 kW/kg 210 kW
EXT 160 160 mm 800-1000 kg/h 0.37 kW/kg 350 kW

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