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Product description

The micronisers or pulverisers are designed for the fine grinding of pre-granulated plastic material. Its origin can be of different products like profiles, pipes, film, pallets, injection or others. Pre-granulated material with dimensions up to 1cm is finely and precisely grinded between two discs, one of which is rotating at high speed and the other stationary (rotor-stator principle). Different available teeth profiles for specific materials ensure an energy efficient grinding process. The overall design of the Micronisers is compact and space saving. The output material of the machine is suitable for different applications. Especially those which require fine grinded quality powder like rotomoulding. The machine is able to reduce corn dimensions up to 0.5mm. Discs can be replaced in minimum time. Distance between discs can easily and precisely be adjusted from outside the machine. Material feeding of pre-granulated material into the microniser occurs at the disc’s centre of rotation by a dosing unit. Grinded material is discharged from inside the chamber by a blower fan. Material passage time inside the grinding chamber is as short as possible to reduce heating of the material.

Technical characteristics

Type Disc Diameter Capacity PVC Capacity PE Motor Power
TMZ 30 300 mm 400 kg/h 150 kg/h 37 kW
TMZ 50 500 mm 800 kg/h 250 kg/h 55 kW
TMZ 80 800 mm 1200 kg/h 400 kg/h 90 kW

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