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Product description

The Shredders are able to shred most common materials like wood pallets, car and truck tyres, tin and aluminium cans, pressed and baled paper or carton, most plastic materials like massive pieces of hard PE and even residues generated during plastic injection processes. Many objects are required to be pre-shredded before they can be granulated and further treated within the recycling process. From this side of view a shredder is indispensable in many recycling lines. BOMAC offers both single-shaft and double-shaft shredders on request

Technical characteristics

Type Cutting Chamber Rotory Knives Rotor Diameter Rotor Length Motor Power
800 SHR 1100×800 mm 36 800 mm 380 mm 30 kW
1100 SHR 1300×1100 mm 50 1100 mm 380 mm 37 kW
1300 SHR 1300×1300 mm 60 1300 mm 380 mm 55 kW

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