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Thermoforming Machines

Product description

HT-FORM stands for high-tech thermoforming machinery. The HT 73 thermoforming machine was designed to be a fast, easy to work with, reliable and affordable machine for the manufacturing of disposable plastic cups and cans of any kind. The HT 73 is able to run 30 cycles per minute in continuous operation. Product output are proper rows of cups or cans, ready for packaging. The HT 73 is optimised for continuous and highly automated production processes. It can be combined with in-line packaging machines or granulators for an even more fluent and efficient production.

Technical characteristics

  • Machine working area: 695mm x 380mm
  • Pitch: 400mm
  • Maximum cup depth: 150mm
  • Pressurised air consumption: 8 500l/min
  • Control system: touchscreen with PLC
  • Working materials: PP/PS/PVC/ABS/PET
  • Machine weight: 12 200kg
Type Max. Film Width Max. Film Thickness Pressing Power Power Consumption
HT 73 730 mm 2 mm 29 500 DaN 60 kW

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